Starting with the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano, which normally retails from about $2,000 in its home market, Indian vehicle customizer and coachbuilder DC Design has added enough luxury and performance amenities to send that pricetag up to the $220,000 mark.

Whether the modifications to the Nano justify the inflated pricetag is open to interpretation, but you have to at least commend the ambitions of DC Design.

Starting with the basic 10.2-foot hatchback, DC Design removed all the plastic surfaces, small wheels and dashboard before refitting them with much finer materials.

The project is still in the prototype stage but there are plans to inject the car with high-technology products. The basic chassis and floor plan will be retained but other than that everything will be different. Even the Nano's 33-horsepower twin-cylinder engine will be replaced with a more powerful 1.6-liter unit.

DC Design plans to only build around five of the cars each year, with most going to wealthy locals though a few will be heading overseas.

With reports suggesting the diminutive Tata Nano may be heading to the U.S. in the next couple of years, we just hope no one here plans on calling DC Design to order one.