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  • 2018 DC TCA

    India’s DC Design used this week’s Auto Expo 2018 in Delhi to showcase a follow-up to the Avanti sports car presented at the same show six years ago. The new car goes by the name TCA, an acronym for “Titanium Carbon Aluminum,” and it's a more powerful, more polished successor to the Avanti, which admittedly was a little crude by modern sports car standards. The TCA's design was inspired by the lines of contemporary performance machines, namely the Ferrari LaFerrari which features similar lines when viewed from the rear three-quarter angle. The TCA also sports a black...

  • DC Design Avanti concept
    DC Design Avanti Sports Car Headed For Production

    India will soon have its very own sports car, as local design firm DC Design plans to start production of its mid-engine Avanti coupe, which was revealed in concept form at last year’s Delhi Auto Expo. DC Design, led by designer and entrepreneur Dilip Chhabria, is looking to establish a new...

  • DC Design Avanti concept
    DC Design Launches Avanti Sports Car In New Delhi

    DC Design has launched its teased Avanti sports car at the Delhi Auto Expo.

  • DC Design teases new supercar concept
    India’s DC Design Planning New Supercar For 2012 Delhi Auto Expo

    In just a few days’ time Indian design firm DC Design will unveil a new supercar concept at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, and the good news is that a production version is planned. DC Design, of course, is the firm responsible for the Rolls-Royce inspired coupe that made headlines back in 2006...

  • DC Design $220,000 Tata Nano
    DC Design Working On Tata Nano With Ferrari Pricetag

    Starting with the world’s cheapest car, the Tata Nano, which normally retails from about $2,000 in its home market, Indian vehicle customizer and coachbuilder DC Design has added enough luxury and performance amenities to send that pricetag up to the $220,000 mark. Whether the modifications...

  • 2008 DC Design Ambierod
    New images of the DC Design Ambierod

    For anyone unfamiliar with DC Design, the firm is an Indian automotive design and coachbuilding group that has a penchant for creating wild customized vehicles with styling inspiration taken from Rolls Royce cars. The firm is probably most widely recognized for its striking scissor-door Rolls Royce...

  • The DC designed Rolls Royce coupe

    After the huge response we experienced with the DC Design three-door Cayenne, we thought it’d be a good idea to put up some new images of one of the design company’s previous "masterpieces", a Rolls Royce inspired coupe. Official details are scarce, but we believe the car is based on the original RR Silver Spirit saloon and created for an owner whose design brief was to build a Rolls Royce that would shock anyone who looked at it. The exterior has obviously been heavily modified with an eye to Nissan's 350z, but it also looks like the interior has undergone cosmetic surgery. Real...

  • Exclusive: The 2-door Porsche Cayenne
    Exclusive: The Two-Door Porsche Cayenne

    What do you get when you take a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, chop off two doors, revamp most of the exterior, and create a luxurious new interior with the latest technology? The DC STAR, a concept vehicle created by Indian coachbuilders DC Design and available through custom order for around...

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