In just a few days’ time Indian design firm DC Design will unveil a new supercar concept at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, and the good news is that a production version is planned.

DC Design, of course, is the firm responsible for the Rolls-Royce inspired coupe that made headlines back in 2006 and more recently has been involved with the development of several concept cars for OEMs, one of which was GM.

The company has now released this teaser of its latest creation, which has been billed as India’s “own supercar”.

Not much can be seen in this initial teaser, although we can see a car with mid-engine proportions, an aggressive, jet-fighter like cockpit, and a very unique profile.

Power is expected to come from a V-6 engine sourced from Honda, which thanks to a custom turbocharging system should output in excess of 400 horsepower. While this output may not scream supercar status, the final curb weight of DC Design’s new supercar should come in at less than 3,400 pounds.

DC Design is looking to build around 300 examples at its main facility in Pune, India initially, starting production towards the end of 2013. And it has the capability to ramp up this number to around 3,000 units annually should there be sufficient demand, something DC Design is likely to have little problem of finding should it keep the car priced below the 30 lahk Indian rupees (approximately $56,000) mark that company bosses have been hinting at to Indian media.

The 2012 Delhi Auto Expo kicks off on January 5 so stay tuned for an update once DC Design’s new supercar is finally unveiled.