For anyone unfamiliar with DC Design, the firm is an Indian automotive design and coachbuilding group that has a penchant for creating wild customized vehicles with styling inspiration taken from Rolls Royce cars. The firm is probably most widely recognized for its striking scissor-door Rolls Royce coupe from a couple of years back, but it has recently unveiled another wild coupe with Rolls Royce styling, this time based on one of the oldest cars to come out of India, the Hindustan Ambassador.

The latest creation is the Ambierod, which was first unveiled at the New Delhi Motor Show at the start of this year. Putting the 'rod' into Ambierod, the man behind DC Design, Dilip Chhabria, claims he was inspired by GM Holden's stunning hot-rod Efijy concept, which was revealed at the 2005 Australian Motor Show. Hence, the DC Ambierod features enlarged wheel arches that partly cover the rear wheels, an extremely long bonnet, and an eye-catching design.

While the car may seem unappealing to some from the outside, the inside is arguably even stranger. Hydraulic gullwing doors dramatically guide passengers into the interior, where they will find a markedly different feel to the retro exterior of the concept. Featuring a slew of LCD TV screens (three in total), the Ambierod also comes with Internet and videoconferencing facilities, an interior that can be converted into a full-sized bed and a host of other luxury features. The focus is on rear passenger comfort in the Ambierod, and even the front passenger seat has been replaced by a foot cushion for the rear passenger to put their feet up on.

Up front, there is a V12 engine powering the behemoth, which reportedly sits on a BMW chassis. Currently, plans for production remain uncertain but estimates put the car's cost at around $1,000,000. Head over to MotorBeam to see the rest of the images.