RaceChairs. The name doesn't exactly ring a lot of bells--that is, unless you're a fan of authentic car seats made over into highly stylish and functional office furniture. But gorgeous office chairs aren't the only game at RaceChairs, as these cufflinks show.

The holidays are upon us, and that means holiday parties, so your cuff links are probably getting about 80% of their annual use this month. Now, thanks to these gearshift, steering wheel, brake rotor and fuel cap styled cuff links, you can add a little gearheaded personality to your holiday attire, and the rest of the year, to the odd wedding get-up.

In our world, they're good to go for the corporate boardroom and nightclub alike, and at just $25 each, the whole collection is in reach. Even though it's a bit late to order for Christmas, you might be able to get some in time to stuff the stockings of your favorite well-dressed car nuts. Check out the link to RaceChairs below to see the full collection.

[RaceChairs via AutoMotto]