Hey there, Audrina Patridge! We see you're still doing the Hills thing -- at least in these shots. We were a little sad to hear that you're leaving the show, even though we know that being around Kristin Cavallari must've been a total nightmare. On the DL: she drives us crazy, too.

That said: we're totally stoked that you've been given a show of your very own. Of everyone who's come and gone on The Hills -- Whitney Port included -- you're probably the only one who deserves a spinoff. You're friendly and pretty -- you know: thin, but not eat-a-sandwich thin. We're still not entirely sure what you "do", but that's okay. Maybe you could explain that on The Audrina Show? (P.S. Who came up with that name? We think they should perhaps consider another visit to ye olde drawinge boarde.)

Most of all, we're happy to see that your celebrity (such as it is) hasn't gone to your head. No, the Mercedes-Benz SL 550 isn't quite a Toyota Prius, and it certainly isn't within the price range of everyday consumers, but you're not an everyday consumer, now are you? You're a young 20-something actress/model/reality show star. You have years of shopping and boyfriends and milkshakes ahead of you. So a kickass droptop roadster that retails around $100,000 is a perfect fit: cute and sporty, like you, but not gaudy, like some celebutante vehicles we could name. Just don't go getting the big head and trade it in for some look-at-me Lambo number. We're probably already looking at you enough.