Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Hey! Lauren Conrad? Is that you?

We know you're kind of busy these days, what with your product endorsements and your writing  (and more writing) and your appearances on America's Next Top Model. Right this very second, you're probably jetting off to a photo shoot or a trunk show or something fancy that we'd talk about for days, but for you, it's just another Tuesday afternoon. Do we sound envious? Maybe a little.

But riddle us this, LC: whose Mercedes-Benz SL came first? Yours or Audrina's?

We spotted your former co-star yesterday in a snazzy white SL looking fresh and clean and smiling like she'd just given birth to the child who would one day defeat Skynet. And here you are, getting into an aggressive black SL with dark shades, avoiding the paps and possibly conducting a walk of shame. Well, a drive of shame, anyway.

You have to admit: there seems to be a good cop/bad cop thing going on. Or maybe it's more of a Samantha/Serena dynamic. Whatever. We're just glad you're both well equipped to outrace the creepy-crawly Speidi.

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