Just to be clear: we know that isn't Lindsay Lohan's Toyota Yaris hanging out in the background of this pic. Sure, LiLo may have gone blond since last we saw her, and she might've even dropped a few pounds (from her earlobes?), but we hope she hasn't lost her mind (again) and ditched that sweet Mercedes-Benz CL.

Still, we can't help feeling like the Yaris is trying really hard to squeeze into this shot, just for the attention. He's sitting there, conveniently next to the curb, and as LiLo passes by, he's all like, "Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, Lindsay! We have so much in common: I'm low key and casual, and so are you, in those cheebag cut-offs and that walk-of-shame t-shirt. In fact, you're sub-casual.... Plus, I'm white, too! Not, like, in any kind of racist way -- 'cause this is LA, where we are politically correct 24/7 and are definitely not racists -- I just mean that I'm white like your real car. Let me be your real car, Lindsay!" And she's all like, "Dude, no. My ego could not fit in your backseat."

And that may be true, but that bony tuches sure could.