The next-generation Opel Meriva compact MPV has been caught undergoing testing on several occasions, but so far prototypes have always been heavily camouflaged. Many details, however, were still discernible, including the overall shape, which remains close to the original Meriva concept from last year's Geneva Motor Show.

This computer generated rendering gives us a good indication as to what the final version will look like. The simple and attractive front fascia, minimalist outlines, and overall configuration remain very close to the concept’s design, however. Small detail differences include the addition of a tailpipe (hidden on the concept) and the removal of the rear roof spoiler and addition of an antenna in its place.

Looking once again at the spy shots, the treatment of the rear windows and rear hatch area seem to indicate both the angular upsweep before the C-pillar and the hourglass-shaped rear hatch will carry over into production. The tail lights, though heavily camouflaged, carry a hint of the outline of the concept’s large and stylistic units as well.

A very carefully placed extra segment of cladding appears to be hiding one of the most controversial elements of the concept’s design: the rear-window ‘kink’. The front door’s handle and the general construction of the doors and rubber strips indicate the rear-opening rear doors of the concept are gone. The suicide door configuration makes for better display in a car show booth, but is both inconvenient and hard to get past the legal department in the real world.

The new Meriva is expected to make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September and should be sale across Europe by the end of the year.