So, okay, let's pretend you're one of Hollywood's Bright Young Things, and you're the common-law spouse of a Bright, Vaguely Young Thing, and both of you are ludicrously hot and ludicrously loaded. Like all Bright Young Things, you're concerned about the environment and social responsibility, so you build houses for the poor, and you adopt babies from any country with a GDP that's less than the take-home pay from your last indie film. Given that, are you really sure you want to bust your LA cred by zipping through some greasy fast food joint -- a Mickey D's, no less -- in a garden variety, gas-guzzling Chevy Suburban?

On the other hand, as someone down the hall just noted, "When it comes to crying kids versus ethos, guess which one wins?"

And on a third, surgically attached hand, maybe this isn't what it seems. Maybe Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just pulled off the world's quickest product placement for the McCafe. Heck, is everybody posing for the 'razzi these days?