Renowned tuner TechArt has built up a reputation over the years for its impressive aero and power mods for Porsche cars, and soon we'll be able to add refined interiors to the list.

TechArt has teamed up with fellow German firm Rolf Benz to develop a range of interior options for Porsche cars, starting with the 2019 Cayenne.

Rolf Benz is a leading designer and manufacturer of sofas and is best known for its elegant, understated designs and refined yet durable upholstery. The company has been building some of the world's best sofas since the mid-1960s and now its qualities are being transferred to the world of cars.

TechArt is offering its customers the ability to tailor the design of the Cayenne interior, with numerous materials and colors on offer. And the modifications extend beyond just the seats as TechArt allows everything from the dashboard to the headliner to the steering wheel and door innards to be customized. Importantly, the quality and craftsmanship is at the same level of a product out of a Rolf Benz showroom.

Small Rolf Benz logos are featured in the cabin, and should the customer desire the exterior can also be donned with subtle badge on each of the front fenders.

Beyond the interior upgrade, TechArt plans a full assortment of mods for the newest Cayenne generation's other aspects. The list currently includes a subtle aero kit and carbon fiber elements for the exterior, along with 22-inch wheels. TechArt is still developing upgrades for the powertrains, but Cayenne Turbo owners can already opt for an ECU upgrade that lifts output of the SUV's 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 from 550 horsepower to 567 pound-feet of torque to 640 hp and 664 lb-ft.