The 2010 Ford Mustang is already in dealer lots, but now Ford is releasing a few new options to help enthusiasts get even more bang for their buck. A Track Pack upgrade from the factory promises to boost grip, while those that have already ordered or bought their 'Stangs can have a the even hotter FR3 Handling Pack from Ford Racing fitted.

The dealership will handle installation of the FR3 Handling Pack, which includes a new set of springs with 75lb heavier rates, stiffer front and rear anti-roll bars, a strut tower brace, retuned dampers to match the new springs and ride height lowered by more than an inch.

"The FR3 Handling Pack is derived from our extensive experience with the Ford Mustang FR500C competing in the Grand-Am KONI Challenge and FIA GT4," said Andy Slankard, Engineering Supervisor, Ford Racing. The FR3 pack costs $1,335 and can be ordered on your own or through a dealer.

The Track Pack, which can be ordered straight from the factory, offers a slightly less aggressive improvement in grip, while also boosting the 'bling' with 19in wheels. Also included in the package are stiffer dampers plus stiffer front and rear anti-roll bars designed with influence from the Shelby GT500 program.

"By reducing the roll gradient, the car stays flatter in turns," said Tom Barnes, Vehicle Engineering Manager, 2010 Mustang. "And when the car is flatter, the driver is more in command and more confident in what the car's doing.

"Great handling comes from great control. A driver's control of the vehicle is facilitated by information. This Track Pack communicates to the driver through the tires and suspension so well that is it easy to drive very quickly. It rewards smooth driving, while offering great capacity to cover driver error."

Those 19s are shod in Pirelli summer tires, however, so while the Track Pack will only cost you $1,495, expect to pay that much every time you need new tires as well.

On the other hand, the 3.73 axle and carbon-fiber-plate limited-slip differential that's also included as part of the Track Pack could well make up for the costly tires. Performance Friction brake pads, retuned traction control and ABS plus the standard 2010 GT three-mode switch for the AdvanceTrac control (on, off or sport) all combine to make the Track Pack a significant upgrade over the base GT.

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