So you want a shiny new 2010 Ford Mustang, but you can't decide what you want to do with it once you've got it? Or even worse, you can't find one you like on the lot, and you don't like ordering blind off a list of options? Well, fret no more, Ford has released an online configurator that lets you customize your 'Stang right down to the amount of smoke billowing from the rear fender wells.

The customizer is surprisingly flexible and easy to use. Rather than stepping forward and backward through and endless maze of options and packages, Ford lets you build your Mustang from a smorgasbord of options, including stripes, colors, wheels, spoilers, decals, and more. The picture above is an example of what 5 minutes and a grain of creativity can get you.

To test your design ability or just waste a few minutes at work before punching out and heading home, head on over to Ford's Mustang Customizer site and check it out.
Via: Autoblog