With sales skyrocketing in July to almost pre-crash levels for many carmakers - and beyond for a few - it's no surprise that Audi's joining the fray today with its own $1,000 incentive on top of the federally-funded CARS program for its qualifying models.

The discount applies to no fewer than 18 2008 and 2009 model year cars. 2010 models are still be considered for the program, however, so if you're yearning for a newly upgraded Audi A5 2.0T, you may want to hold on for a few more weeks. Once the EPA certifies their fuel efficiency ratings, they too may be eligible.

For those interested in an A3, A4, A4 Avant, A4 Cabrio, TT Coupe or Roadster, a Q5 or many of their quattro variants, however, the bargain is a go.

"The CARS reimbursement enacted by Congress is a tremendous opportunity for consumers interested in upgrading to vehicles that offer better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions," said Mark Del Rosso, Chief Operating Officer, Audi of America. " Now that some uncertainties surrounding the launch of this federal program have been cleared up the time is right to enhance the deal even further."

Other incentives offered for these models right now include a special 60-month APR and improved lease terms. The $1,000 incentive ends August 31, and though it may be extended, rampant demand may also shut the program down early as inventory levels fall.

A complete table of the eligible Audi models can be found below.

Model Year
A3 2.0T 2008
A4 2.0T 2008
A4 Avant quattro 2.0T 2008
A4 Cabriolet 2.0T 2008
TT Coupe 2008
TT Roadster /td> 2008
A3 2.0T 2009
A3 quattro 2.0T 2009
A4 2.0T /td> 2009
A4 quattro 2.0T 2009
A4 Avant quattro 2.0T 2009
A4 Cabriolet 2009
A4 Cabriolet quattro 2.0T 2009
TT oupe .0T 2009
TT Coupe quattro 2.0T 2009
TT Roadster 2.0T 2009
TT Roadster quattro 2.0T 2009
Audi Q5 2009