Some people change clothes twice a day to stay fresh and sharp-looking. Those that can afford it change cars almost as often. It's that sort of world that Lorinser's GLK is designed to step into - one where appearance takes precedence over performance.

And the 2010 Mercedes Benz GLK is one of the best vehicles for the task, tied closely since its launch with the world of fashion and beauty. The vehicle is a quintessential soft-roader, built to offer an urban look and feel rather than SUV-style capability. So Lorinser has taken it to the next level.

They call it a 'Sportservice outfit', and that's an apt title. Starting with a Swabian body kit, which ties the front, sides and rear together into a coherent whole without spoiling the good looks of the standard GLK, Lorinser also adds body-color accents, fog lights, and quad exhaust tips.

Lightweight alloy wheels with multi-spoke blades complete the look, rendering the car both stylish and sporty.

The GLK package was actually released by Lorinser in December of last year, but these are the first official photos of it. No releases of pricing or availability have been made yet.