A new automotive startup based in Washington DC named Bright has just revealed its latest product - a plug-in hybrid commercial van that the company claims will achieve a fuel economy of 100mpg. Named the Bright IDEA, the slipper-shaped van certainly looks the part, and if it lives up to the company's claims then we should start seeing plenty of these things around town in the near future.

Featuring an AWD system, the Bright IDEA differs from most commercial vans chiefly in its drive system. The car is made from aluminum and other materials, and to really draw in their primary market the company claims that the materials used for the car and its production are both fully sustainable.

Inside, the van features two seats, however, the front passenger seat can be converted into a mobile office for the driver - according to Bright, most commercial vans are only ever occupied by the driver, so utilizing this space makes perfect sense.

The Bright IDEA will also feature an on-board computer with a touch screen to allow the driver to see the hybrid mode in action, receive mileage figures, use GPS and track inventory. The focus on the commercial market is not being disguised at all by the Bright IDEA, and the company is also claiming that using its vehicles for fleets could help a 250-car fleet save around $500,000 annually in fuel costs.