Helping children with rip-snorting automotive hardware is nothing new, but Carroll Shelby's latest charity auction will also serve to inaugurate the Shelby 427 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. The car on the block is a 2009 Shelby 427 GT500 Super Snake, good for 605hp (451kW) and sure to bring a good result for those that need it most - the children aided by the Carroll Shelby Children's foundation.

"This is the ultimate Shelby package for the ultimate Shelby fan," said Jenni Shreeves, director of the Carroll Shelby Children's Foundation. "Not only will the winning bidder get the keys to a brand new Shelby GT500 Super Snake, they'll spend race weekend in Las Vegas with Mr. Shelby and his team. Most importantly, the money raised will help us continue our mission to give children around the world a second chance at life."

With 605hp, 590lb-ft (799Nm) of torque and a seriously upgraded suspension, the GT500 Super Snake is sure to be as big a hit on the track as it is at the auction house. The auction ends February 19, and the track day with Shelby will take place on March 1.

Shelby has recently released a special-edition 800hp (597kW) Prudhomme version of the same basic car, which you can read about here.