The first official non-Nismo aero package for the 370Z was revealed today, dubbed the 'Stylish Package' and intended for the JDM Fairlady Z. Though the translation may be a bit awkward, the design is less so than the Nismo S-Tune package, finding a happier medium of aerodynamic design and styling.

The rear spoiler sits unobtrusively on the rear hatch, cradling a third brake light with its secondary supports. New clear tail lights, side sill elements and a front lip spoiler complete the visual package, though an audible element is also included: what Nissan calls a 'sports horn'. What that means, precisely, is unclear.

Nismo's S-Tune package for the Fairlady/370Z was previously the only factory-provided aero kit known to be in the works, and though it certainly adds aggression, it takes the concept too far for many. The new Stylish Package will no doubt find more general acceptance, and could even find its way to U.S. and European models, albeit in somewhat altered form, in the coming months.

No word on pricing or availability has yet been released.