It’s no secret that Pontiac's G8 is essentially a rebadged version of the Australian-built VE Holden Commodore, and now a vehicle customizer that also hails from Down Under is offering a kit for North American customers who wish to make their Pontiac G8 look like the car it was originally based on.

The kit is the development of JHP Vehicle Enhancements, and it will transform the Americanized G8 into a dead ringer for its Australian ancestor. It includes a new hood, hood latch, hood insulator, and a front bumper fascia extension. You also get an upper grille radiator, a front bar fascia, a front bar absorber and front fog lamps. The entire package will cost $1,990, but to truly complete the look you'll want to get the Holden badges and center caps for the wheels, which will run you $150 each for a set of four.

For those with the more potent Pontiac G8 GT model, which is more closely aligned with the performance models from Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), there is also a conversion kit available with the same upgrades as the above package, but with a design that matches cars like the HSV R8 and GTS. The GT kit will run you back $3,880.

JHP will also color match the pieces or they can be ordered unpainted.


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