Mercedes-Benz has just launched a new generation of its C-Class sedan and once again there will be coupe, wagon and high-performance AMG variants. However, according to one of the automaker’s senior staff, there will be some additional variants.

We already know that a convertible will be added to the lineup eventually, and there have been reports that we may see a liftback model similar to the Audi A5 Sportback and BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo.

But speaking with Auto Express recently, Mercedes-Benz R&D boss Thomas Weber hinted that a new four-door coupe to rival BMW’s 4-Series Gran Coupe may be launched.

"Yes, there is room between the CLA and the CLS,” Weber is reported to have said when asked about the possibility of a new four-door coupe based on the latest C-Class. “We are intensively looking at remaining niches that will provide us with profitability and growth."

If Mercedes sticks with its current naming convention, the automaker’s CLC badge may end up being revived for the new four-door coupe. The badge was last applied to a two-door C-Class coupe launched in 2008 and was eventually phased out with the arrival of the C-Class Coupe in 2011.

During the same Auto Express interview, Weber went on to explain that Mercedes is establishing four plants around the globe for C-Class production and that this is a clear message that the automaker plans to grow the lineup. He also explained that it was now possible to add new models much quicker and for less money than before, most likely due to the adoption of modular platform and production strategies.

Let us know if you think Mercedes should add a four-door coupe to its C-Class family.


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