One of the world’s most elegant brands may be bought out by a company that specialises in building agricultural and earth moving equipment. The chairman of JCB, Sir Anthony Bamford, has expressed his interest in buying the ailing cat from Ford if they agree to separate it from Land Rover.

In an interview with Edmunds, he had the following things to say:

"Jaguar has lost its way," and there has been "too much chopping and changing at the top."

"There's a real mishmash of responsibilities between Jaguar and Land Rover and they need leadership."

"[Jaguar founder] Sir William Lyons was a friend of my father's and he was involved in most aspects of the plant. JCB is run in a similar way. Although we are not in the car business, we are familiar with every aspect of lean manufacturing and worldwide marketing. All our senior management are involved in every aspect of the business. There isn't an enormous structure and bureaucracy."

"Jaguar needs downsizing. The little car [X-Type] needs to go. The S-Type is critical and the XJ is a very good car but it needs a reskin,"

"Racing is Jaguar's background. It helps sell cars and it gives the company a youthful image," he said. "Twenty years ago a Jaguar was an aspirational choice."

Bamford also said he would reintroduce plans to bring the F-type roadster to market, citing Jaguars racing heritage as justification for such a car.

Pictured above is a concept for a F-type Jaguar that never made it to production.