TVR, famous for building crazy sports cars with no driver aids, will keep manufacturing cars in Blackpool, England. TVR bosses are still dealing with union chiefs, but we can confirm that the company is staying in Blackpool and the remaining 260 jobs are safe for now. The decision comes after incentives from local councils were given, namely, a sweet location for a new plant close to the Blackpool International Airport for easy delivery of components.

TVR is currently the third largest niche sports car manufacturer in the world. Models include both six-cylinder and V-8 roadsters, with most parts including engines designed and manufactured in-house. In July 2004, TVR was purchased by 24-year-old Russian Nikolai Smolenski from the former owner Peter Wheeler who still owned the land the current factory stands on. Wheeler, after selling the company, had plans to build a housing estate, thus TVR was forced to move its operations.

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