Not content with the supercars from the likes of Pagani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren, Belgian based Edran has decided to produce a 2-seater Supercar with mid-engine layout (mmm) developing 800hp from a 7.2L engine. Weight will be kept down thanks to the use of carbon fibre and Kevlar, and should propel the Enigma from 0-100km/h in 3.9s.

Edran has been around since 1984 and even produced a sports car called the Edran Spyder (pictured above) back in 1994, but there’s no word on whether this was actually released. Their website is fairly basic, without any images or even a potential rendering of the car. What does excite us is the way they talk about supercars, and what the Enigma should be. Edran “opposes the use of meaningless gimmick-alike gadgets in a car of this caliber. We feel that most of these features only tend to diminish the mathematical reliability and thus decrease the overall safety of the vehicle.”

They’re also quite frank, stating:

We don't pretend that with the Edran Enigma we will be building the world's fastest car as we are not in the speed-record-breaking business, but with a top speed ranging over 340 km/h and a 800 HP engine, we do believe however we have a very, very fast supercar which ranks in the absolute top 5 of fastest production cars in the world.

Whether this car is just vapourware or potentially one of the purest supercars to ever be released, we’re keeping our eyes out…

Edran Cars | via