Though we can't confirm its legitimacy, below you'll find a list of just some of the vehicles registered by the Sultan of Brunei. We suspect that the list is several years old now because it doesn’t include some of the more recent supercars we know would be on the Sultan’s wish list.

With no less than nine McLaren F1s including the limited edition GTR version and a separate category for Mercedes and AMG models, the Sultan has left virtually no expensive piece of metal out. On top of the fleet of regular cars is the Sultan’s personalized vehicles including a Ferrari that was converted into a utility and the world’s only Mercedes CLK GTR in right-hand drive. A big fan of Formula One, the Sultan even owns an F1 car driven by every Drivers' Championship winner since 1980.

One strange fantasy of his is to own a model for each color that a car came in. That’s why you will often see up to 10 versions of the same car in his fleet. During the 1990s the Sultan and his family accounted for half of all Rolls-Royce purchases, which stands at close to 200 cars. His personal collection, which is in excess of 5,000 cars are kept in five aircraft hangers with a crew of specialists from various auto manufacturers looking after them round the clock.

Pictured above is just one gold plated building named after the Sultan.