Buick will be displaying no less than 11 customised and tricked out versions of its Lucerne sedan at the SEMA annual convention. The fact is that the median age of a Buick buyer is 65, and GM believes the $3 billion auto aftermarket industry show will introduce younger buyers to the brand. Don’t expect to see the cars with huge chrome wheels, ear-shattering sound systems or ridiculous body kits.

GM is going for a more sedate and luxurious feel. The design goal for the car was to create a vehicle in the “VIP-style” made famous in Japan. Most likely mods will include lowered suspension, new alloys and high-end ICE systems. According to Buick reps, Custom shops around the country were urging the company to set-up a display, but we still believe this is an obvious attempt by Buick to attract a younger market. The modified Lucerne’s will be positioned as the car of choice for the older enthusiasts.

SEMA will run from the 31st of this month until the 3rd of November in Las Vegas.


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