Famous Porsche tuner 9ff has created a performance package for the already highly-strung Carrera GT. Their new kit increases the power output of the regular car by an amazing 300hp up to 912hp. To achieve this result, the 9ff engineers added two large turbos, new camshafts and less restrictive exhaust manifolds. The exhaust is then sent through the custom free-flowing exhaust system, which includes a unique 9ff muffler with valve system and end-pipes plus a new cat-converter.

In addition to the exhaust system, 9ff added a totally revised induction system with modified air filter and cold-air intake. Finally, to make sure the engine can run with all the changes, the ECU required an upgrade. 9ff doesn’t stop there; the tuner offers an entire catalogue of options including visual and aerodynamic upgrades as well as all the engine mods. If only we had the cash.

Via Autoblog.it