The uniquely designed Caparo T1 is now in prototype form and is already out conducting real world testing. The first prototype vehicle labelled “XP1” is being used to undergo speed trials plus determine engine mapping as well as measuring long-term durability. Another prototype, which is still in the works will be out testing in December and will be evaluated by race driver Chris Goodwin, who’ll focus on handling characteristics and on-track dynamic performance. You may remember Goodwin as the man behind the suspension setup of the Mercedes- McLaren SLR.

The T1 is already being touted as a Formula One car that’s built for the road. With a 500hp output from its high-revving 2.4L V8 driving a lithe 1102lb curb-weight, we’d have to agree. Acceleration figures are even more spectacular, with the 0-60mph taking only 2.5 seconds and 100mph coming in around 5s.

A new facility has been set up in Basingstoke, UK, to accommodate all the production staff required to build the expected annual output of 24 cars. The first production model is scheduled to roll off the line in March of next year. If you’re hoping to get your hands on one, you’d better be quick. Half of the allotted production vehicles have been pre-ordered. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring the T1 to the US, though Caparo has announced on its website that it has setup a distributor. Let's keep our fingers crossed.