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  • buick velite concept 2004 0917 630x360

    With GM sailing off into the future minus a handful of brands--Saturn, HUMMER, Saab and Pontiac among them--Buick counts itself as one of the lucky nameplates in the new GM. What's next? A compact Buick lineup of four or five vehicles, with more compact dimensions and smaller engines than fans of the classic Buick V-8s might expect, according to Motor Trend. Buick's future centers around a trio of core products already in its showroom, and one or two more to come. Today's lineup counts the 2010 Buick LaCrosse as its mainstream sedan; the Enclave as its big crossover; and the Lucerne as its...

  • Wiesmann MF4 Roadster
    Wiesmann offers European driving getaway package

    Niche German automaker Wiesmann is best known for its classically designed sports cars that tend to cost an arm and a leg, but now the company is expanding into the holiday and travel business. Wiesmann has revealed that it will be offering its well-to-do clientele further avenues to spend their...

  • Buick Lucerne will survive large RWD purge at GM
    Buick Lucerne will survive large RWD purge at GM

    For the last several years enthusiasts had been awaiting GM's new round of rear-wheel drive large sedans with bated breath, and as late as a few months ago, those hopes looked like they would be fulfilled. The advent of new and strict CAFE standard, rising fuel prices and GM's corporate...

  • Old man brand Buick taking its Lucerne to SEMA
    Old-Man Brand Buick Taking Its Lucerne To SEMA

    Buick will be displaying no less than 11 customised and tricked out versions of its Lucerne sedan at the SEMA annual convention. The fact is that the median age of a Buick buyer is 65, and GM believes the $3 billion auto aftermarket industry show will introduce younger buyers to the brand...

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