Niche German automaker Wiesmann is best known for its classically designed sports cars that tend to cost an arm and a leg, but now the company is expanding into the holiday and travel business. Wiesmann has revealed that it will be offering its well-to-do clientele further avenues to spend their cash - namely, Wiesmann focused driving holiday experiences.

Wiesmann is working with a number of hotels and resorts throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland in order to give customers interesting holiday packages - and while it's likely Wiesmann customers will make up the majority of these holiday experiences, it would actually be worthwhile for enthusiasts who don't currently own the cars to sign up.

Each holiday will be individually customized and will offer guests a chance to drive a number of Wiesmann models. The striking sports cars won’t be the only source of entertainment on the trip, however, with the company also including boat tours, helicopter flights and other adrenaline-pumping activities.

Guests will also be able to relax with wine and champagne tasting events, spa trips, museum visits and other relatively placid activities. Currently, Wiesmann has deals with the Seven Hotel in Ascona, Switzerland, the Seehotel Hermitage in Lucerne, the Stanglwirt Kitzbuhel in Austria, and the Park Hotel Schloss Hohenfeld in Munster, Germany.