Vehicle parts supplier Delphi will be working more closely with manufacturers to provide hybrid electrical powertrain systems technologies to feature in upcoming vehicles. The first automaker to outsource major hybrid components to Delphi will be Ford, who’ll use Delphi’s battery pack systems and cooling systems for the 2008 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid vehicles.

In addition to the electronic components, Delphi will also provide wire harnesses, new seals and shielding and custom connections for individual vehicles. The benefits to the car makers are lower production and maintenance costs. Delphi has already been a key player in developing hybrid technologies, with over 70 patents issued since 2000 in power electronics and advanced energy systems.

One of Delphi’s major systems enable the electric motor to act not only as a motor but also a generator that can draw energy from the batteries to propel the vehicle. Other breakthroughs have been made in the battery packs and inverters that power auxiliary features.