Mallett conversion experts have enhanced its already potent V8-powered Pontiac Solstice with this limited edition widebody pack. Having already shoved the Corvette’s 400hp LS2 V8 engine into the tiny Solstice Roadster, Mallett then needed a suitable styling package to differentiate its version from the standard four-cylinder versions.

In steps the Pitbull Edition bodykit. Set to debut at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the new six-piece fiberglass kit widens the standard car by four inches up front and by five in the back. The extra girth allows owners to add ultra-wide wheels and tires as well as give the car a much tougher look. The larger air-intakes up front also improve airflow to the engine, while the increased traction of wider tires provides superior grip especially at the drag-strip.

For its V8 conversion, it wasn’t simply a matter of shoehorning the big-cube engine into the roadster and then calling it a day. Mallett has conducted extensive track and street testing and the car features stock OEM catalytic converters and meets US emission regulations. Only a limited number of Pitbull cars will be built at an estimated price of $16,000-18,000 fully installed and painted. A carbon fiber version will also be available.


Via: Autoblog