Two car thieves got more than they bargained for when the Lamborghini Gallardo they’d stolen from the east coast of Italy turned out to be equipped with the latest LoJack vehicle recovery system. The tracking device uses radio frequency technology to help pinpoint the location of stolen vehicles. The French owner of the Lamborghini was on holiday in Italy when the thieves raided his home at dawn and used sleeping gas to incapacitate him before stealing the keys to the supercar.

When the owner woke up, he contacted LoJack in France who, through their vast European network, located the vehicle on a highway between Rome and Naples, 200km away from the man’s house. Italian state patrol vehicles then intercepted the stolen vehicle and arrested the two Albanian thieves.

This latest incident proves that in today’s world it takes a lot more than stealing the keys and changing the license plates to get away with auto theft. It just goes to show how powerful a system like LoJack can be in the recovery of stolen vehicles.