Seeking to improve its already impressive reputation for innovation, Mercedes has partnered with Loaded Films to produce The Illusive, a short film about a spy photographer and his prey. The new method of content delivery aims at a younger, more tech-savvy target audience, while improving brand awareness by using the technology to its fullest. Using what they term a "Brand Layer", Loaded Films' FLOADED technology turns the film into an interactive advertisement, where the user can pause the video to go to brand profile sites, which tie back in to the film by showing behind-the-scenes video and cut footage.

The film chronicles a spy photographer's attempts to make his last-chance deadline to deliver some new spy shots to his employer. Along the way, a sexy and devious Mercedes representative does her best to foil his spying - sending him after GPS-tracked goats, into attack-dog filled warehouses, until finally... well, you'll just have to watch the video. Let's just say it involves some ninja-like skill and Bourne-like misdirection.