The first pics of Mercedes’ newest GLK leaked onto the web two weeks ago courtesy of spy-photo mistress Brenda Priddy’s team, who caught the SUV on the set of the upcoming Sex and the City movie. Now we have video footage of the same scenes captured in the photos, featuring the ever-sexy Kim Catrall approaching and driving off in the snow-white GLK, catching the new Merc from every angle in the process.

The first video focuses on Catrall, but does give a good close-up of the GLK and a glimpse of the interior via the open driver’s door and rear hatch. The second video is not a spy video at all, but a trailer of sorts, with some E!-style commentary, but toward the end the video and voice-over focus on the car, and give some good detail shots of the exterior, which show us how accurate our renderings from six months ago really were.

We’ll have to wait until the official debut at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple of weeks, but until then you can sate your curiosity with these vids. Those with sharp eyes will also notice an S-Class and a Smart ForTwo in the second video, the latter on sale officially in the U.S. for the first time in 2008. Mercedes is certainly taking this movie seriously as a vehicle for reaching its target audience.