Already famous for its LS prototype designed to compete for the 100mpg Automotive X-Prize competition, Loremo may be planning to unveil a new concept convertible at Geneva in 2008 according to the latest rumours. The previous LS concept was groundbreaking not just in its miserly fuel consumption (2-3L/100km) but its clamshell top/front opening system and affordable, lightweight construction. Check out the video below to see the LS’s unique entry method in action, as demonstrated by a cute girl in a skirt.

Loremo had previously said it would have an all-electric car developed by 2010, and this convertible may be that car - at this stage it’s just rumour, but the sketch shows some serious thought and design time has been put into the new car. Maybe the Loremo will do what Tesla has failed (or is in the process of failing) to do - bring a real electric car to market. Keep your eyes peeled for more info as Geneva draws nearer.