When Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond ended up in hospital after his spectacular crash at 288mph, he could at least boast he was driving an insane jet-powered car at an equally insane speed. The same can’t be said for the presenter of rival motoring TV show Fifth Gear, Tom Ford, who was hospitalized after losing control in a beat-up old panel van painted like the one on the A-Team.

While attempting to drift the modified Bedford Rascal van, Ford managed to tip it onto two wheels before crashing into a safety barrier. His injuries included three broken toes, which will require an operation to pin them back together, reports The Sun.

Luckily for Ford, he was donned in a full fireproof race suit, body armor, spinal protector and crash helmet. The van was also fitted with a full harness and roll cage. The crew managed to get plenty of footage, which will air on the show in January next year.