If you’re dropping over one hundred grand on an armored vehicle you’d expect at least minimal security for the vehicle while it was being transported. After all, if a group of four asylum seekers could get to the car unscathed as in this next story, then it means virtually anyone could tamper with it before it arrives. That’s what happened in the case of an armored BMW 7-series that was destined to be delivered to former British PM Tony Blair. Four asylum seekers managed to break into a truck carrying the vehicle while it was traveling in northern France.

Unfortunately for the asylum seekers, the truck’s final destination was a police compound. Upon exiting the truck, all four of the travelers were immediately arrested. Luckily the car and stowaways didn’t experience the same treatment as the armored Mercedes in this video.

According to a report in The Sun, both BMW and British security personnel were shocked and embarrassed that the security systems in place were so flawed. One of the police officers admitted to the source that the event “made a mockery of Britain’s security.”