With increasing speculation Holden’s VE Commodore Ute is headed to the U.S. as the new Pontiac G8 ST, there’s more reason to believe the dual-cab ‘Crewman’ model, which debuted in the previous generation (pictured), will be given the green light. The dual-cab Ute is essentially a four door car with a flatbed tray but it comes with severely limited space for rear seat passengers and a shorter tray than the regular two door model.

One of the Ute’s biggest fans is GM product czar Bob Lutz, one of the key people credited with bringing the VE range to the U.S. Speaking with GoAuto at the recent Detroit Auto Show, Lutz hinted that if the VE Ute proves successful the dual-cab model could be a possibility for both the U.S. and Aussie markets.

“We will have a Ute concept at the NY show, but that is going to be badged GMC,” he said. “That is a global design study – and a very interesting study in that it is a GMC tough-looking four-door Ute that could then obviously be badged as a Holden for Australia.” The new concept car is being developed in Australia but it’s being designed to look more like a US-style pickup truck.

“It is very tough looking, with a sport-utility look that is very low, very aggressive looking, a blend between a sport utility and the classic Australian four-door ute,” Lutz explained. He also teased that the regular two-door model could also make an appearance in New York but was quick to point out that nothing is targeted for production at this point.


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