Most of the car-related buzz coming out of Australia at the moment relates to the launch of the next-generation Ford Falcon sedan, which is set to take place at next month’s Melbourne Motor Show. Arch rival Holden, however, isn’t one to sit idly by and let Ford take all of the limelight. That’s why the GM division is prepping a new concept car to draw the attention of show goers, just as it did with the previous Efijy concept (pictured) back in 2005.

Speaking at the Detroit Auto Show, GM product boss Bob Lutz confirmed Holden would reveal a concept car to “knock everybody's socks off” at the Melbourne show. According to Drive, Holden’s tuning arm HSV could also reveal a high-performance concept sedan, complete with a 7.0L V8 engine as well as a hotted up version of the upcoming Commodore wagon.

This is all bad news for Ford, whose new Falcon sedan is a make-or-break model for the small Aussie outcrop. Sales numbers for the Falcon have been dwindling over the years and if the new model doesn’t prove to be a success it could mean the end of local production for the Blue Oval.