Audi has made no secret of its penchant for diesel powered sports cars, winning a string of titles at the Le Mans 24 Hours with its R10 TDI race car and then showing off an insane V12 diesel R8 concept at the recent Detroit Auto Show. The carmaker has now added its superb TDI engine to the TT sports car, both coupe and roadster, which benefit from a 2.0L mill developing 170hp (125kW) and 350Nm (258lb-ft) of torque.

With the diesel engine on board, the quattro coupe will sprint to 100km/h from rest in a brief 7.5 seconds and achieve a top speed of 226km/h. The roadster is just a tenth of second behind accelerating to 100km/h and its top speed is rated at 223km/h. Despite the impressive performance numbers and AWD traction, the coupe and roadster return fuel consumption figures of 44.38mpg and 42.77mpg (5.3L/100km and 5.5L/100km) respectively. The engine also meets the threshold values of the upcoming Euro 5 emissions standard, emitting just 140g of CO2 per km. There’s no word if a FWD model will be offered and only a six-speed manual is available for now.

The four-cylinder TDI engine was actually updated slightly for the TT, being fitted with a new dual-camshaft design. This helps to ensure a wide power band for the compact engine, delivering its peak power at 4,200rpm and peak torque from a low 1,750rpm. The engine also features the latest in diesel technology including eight-hole nozzle piezo injectors pumping fuel at 1,800bar, electrically adjusted turbo vanes, and the aforementioned dual-camshaft design. The combined result is a high (for diesel) maximum engine speed of 5,000rpm, improved thermodynamics in the combustion chambers, and petrol-like smoothness at idle.

Audi R8 V12 TDI Concept