Not content with its previous 656hp twin-supercharged F430, German tuner and Ferrari specialist Novitec Rosso has now upgraded the car to ‘Race’ spec. Power is up by an additional 51hp, giving it an Enzo-beating 707hp and decimating the standard F430 which makes do with just 490hp.

At the heart of the new tuning kit is a twin-supercharger engine with boost pressure increased to 0.48bar. Modifications to the previous kit include new turbine vanes and bigger water-cooled intercoolers. The V8 engine is further fitted with an entirely new heat-insulated intake manifold with larger ports and high-performance air filters, and a special air duct in the underfloor routes cooling air to the engine.

The injection system is fitted with larger injection nozzles. On the exhaust side, low-pressure sport catalysts work in conjunction with a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with electronically controlled flap ensure optimal gas evacuation. Weight saving mods include the addition of lightweight carbon-fiber piping and a new carbon hood.

The end result is a peak output of 707hp at 8,350rpm and 712Nm of torque at 6,300rpm. The sprint from rest to 100km/h is shortened by half a second to 3.5 seconds. After just 10.5 seconds the car reaches 200km/h. The 300km/h barrier is shattered after 29.9 seconds. In combination with longer gear ratios available upon request the top speed grows from 315 km/h to 348 km/h.

Complimenting the engine upgrade is a number of changes including modifications to the aerodynamics, tires, suspension and brakes. The body gets a new front spoiler, rocker panels and a custom rear diffuser. Upon customer request a rear wing can be added as well. Black-tinted taillights and lateral turn signals complete the tuned look. Pricing for the new kit starts at €51,260.