Japanese tuning house Wald International has a wide range of styling and performance kits for nearly every Japanese-made car on the market. It's no surprise, then, the company has turned its hand to one of the most recent high-performance sedans to issue from Lexus, and the resulting restyle shows some characteristic Wald touches along with a flair unique to the IS-F.

The IS-F kit offers a significantly more aggressive look for the IS-F owner not satisfied with the reserved yet muscular look Lexus imbued the car with at the factory, while the Black Bison kit goes one step further and adds even more aggression plus carbon-fiber finishes. The newly released detail photos give an up-close look not just at the brawny additions, but the material, fit and finish of the kit - all of which appear to be superb.

Adding larger, more angular front intakes with a separate brake duct and a dual lower splitter, the front of the car looks much more purposefully fast than the stock car. A slightly wider side-sill treatment flows to the rear side skirts, which receive Wald's trademark shark-gill extractor vents behind the rear wheels.

A custom diffuser under the rear end looks like more than just a pretty piece of molding, and coupled with the rear wing, should help improve down force at speed. The IS-F's front extractor just behind the front wheel is left untouched.

Aside from the spoiler at the back of the car, the kit builds on the IS-F's basic look, adding aggressive styling to match the powerful engine under the hood.