Mercedes tuning specialists Vath have taken the C63 AMG - already worked over by Mercedes' own in-house tuners - and added their own special touches to come up with a car that would make Brabus proud. The V63RS takes the C-Class platform near its limits with 585hp and 690Nm of torque, an increase of more than 130hp and 90Nm over stock.

Extracting another 130hp from the 6.2L V8 after AMG's engineer's have done their magic is no small task, though the addition of a new ECU tune and a more free-flowing intake and exhaust system help the process. All that power is enough to take the car to some very high speeds, so the company has limited the V63RS to 325km/h (202mph) for safety's sake.

To handle the massive power and higher stresses of high-speed touring, the C-Class has been upgraded in several key areas, including the differential and suspension. Large 19" alloys with 235mm wide tires up front and 265mm rubber in back provide grip, though the 690Nm of torque on tap should easily overpower even that rather large contact patch. Carbon fiber aero pieces shave a total of 21kg (46lbs) from the car's weight, making acceleration even more brisk.