Due to take effect as of Monday, June 16, Chrysler has told its dealers most new production of the current 2008 models and next year's 2009 models will face a 2% price rise in the U.S.

Increased prices on the raw materials used to build its cars are the driving force behind the rise.

Chrysler isn't alone in its response to the rising commodities prices. Toyota has already announced a similar price rise, and Honda and GM are considering doing the same. It's a simple business measure to counter the decreased margin on new car production, and will become an increasingly necessary step to cover losses as sales volume in the U.S. market falls.

Value for money should stay similar to pre-2008 pricing, however, since Chrysler built in an average of $1,200 in extra features and options to its entire 2008 lineup, reports Automotive News. Inventory already on dealer lots won't be affected by the price adjustment, nor will incentives be affected.