There was a time when aftermarket tuners would rarely even consider modifying something like a Cadillac. The brand was largely associated with retirees and boring business execs, hardly the type of buyers looking for aggressive bodykits and insane power mods. Then came the sharply styled CTS sedan and all of a sudden Cadillac was cool again. Now there are a number of tuners like California’s D3 Research and Design that offer a range of performance and styling mods for Cadillac’s new generation of ‘Art and Science’ designed vehicles.

We’ve previously reported on D3’s kit for the new CTS sedan, and now the tuner has revealed an upgraded package for the XLR and performance XLR-V.

Working with the top-of-the-range 443hp (330kW) XLR-V, D3 engineers add a new air-intake system, reflash the ECU, add performance spark plugs and a high-flow exhaust system, with the end result being a boost in power to more than 525hp (392kW).

For those seeking more power, D3 also offers second and third stage kits, with the resulting outputs standing at 575hp (429kW) and 600hp (450kW) respectively. These upgrades require some serious performance modifications including complete engine rebuilds and ‘highly’ recommended brake upgrades.

To set the cars apart from their stock siblings, D3 offers several styling enhancements including a new chrome grille, custom 18 and 19in alloys, and Corsa muffler tips. Owners of the standard XLR need not worry as many of the upgrades are applicable for this car as well.