Hot on the heels of this past weekend’s revelation that there might be a new Mustang Bullitt on the way, an Easter egg tucked away in a press photo for the updated 2018 Mustang hints that a Mustang Boss 302 could be coming too.

CJ Pony Parts (via Fox News) was the first to notice that in an interior shot for the 2018 Mustang, Ford placed a fifth-generation Mustang Boss 302 in the background. But why would Ford place another car in the photo, let alone a fifth-gen Boss 302, if there wasn’t something more to it?

A Boss 302 is just what the Mustang needs to take on the Chevrolet Camaro 1LE. The fifth-gen car, launched for 2012, is a Motor Authority favorite, so we’re eager to see a new one. The Mustang GT is just a bit too soft for the track while the Mustang Shelby GT350 duo are a bit on the pricey side and perhaps for some a little too hardcore. The Boss 302 could prove to be the perfect balance between affordability, civility and performance.

Note, other photos released for the updated 2018 Mustangs have clues as well. For example, a shot showing the digital dash of the 2018 Mustang GT may hint at the power and torque figures for the car. For example, the dash shows the car’s revs at 4,700 rpm, perhaps an indication of a 470-horsepower output. The dash also shows the car in fourth gear and driving at 55 mph, perhaps indicating 455 pound-feet of torque. All Ford is willing to state at present is that the car’s 5.0-liter V-8, currently rated at 455 hp and 400 lb-ft, will be delivering more thanks to direct fuel injection.

Stay tuned for an update.