• Koenigsegg's latest website update

    Swedish supercar builder Koenigsegg has updated its website to include more images, more video and an online store to sell branded merchandise.

  • 2011 Audi A8 L
    Audi Launches New Mobile Site And Features In The U.S.

    Any carmaker worth it's salt has at least one mobile customer information point these days whether an iAd, app or mobile site for customers browsing on the move. Audi of America knows this, and has updated for mobile users to provide them with a new way of accessing information about...

  • OnStar Family Link
    Don't Trust Your Teen? Track Them With GM OnStar Family Link

    If you're trusting your teenage son or daughter with the car for the night it's nice to know that their journey has gone safely - or that they're actually going where they said they would. For that extra piece of mind GM is testing a new OnStar service called 'Family Link' that allows subscribers...

  • Facebook Logo
    Facebook Could Eventually Replace Call Centers For Nissan

    If you've ever had a complaint or simply wanted to speak to the customer service department of a company using their phone service, you're no doubt aware of the frustration sitting through endless menus and electronic voices before finally getting through to the right department. For Nissan...

  • Image of Copenhagen from Google Street View
    Planning A Summer Vacation? Google Updates Street View To Help

    During the recent recession, a new type of vacation was born: the relaxing but slightly saddening "staycation". Thankfully, many of the world's economies have begun to recover, so now that winter's chill is thawing, cabin fever victims in the northern hemisphere are planning real getaways for...

  • BMW Project i website
    Get All The Latest News On BMW Project i Via Dedicated Website

    In late 2007 BMW first announced plans to establish a new research division called ‘Project i’ whose task would be to develop a number of solutions for a vehicle designed for congested city motoring. The goal of Project i was never to exclusively develop one type of vehicle or another...

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