Swedish supercar builder Koenigsegg understands that there’s more to building a brand  than just selling cars. For every serious buyer, there are thousands of aspirational owners, whose budget allows just a free desktop wallpaper download.

Eventually, those fans may progress on to Koenigsegg apparel, and given the right set of circumstances, Koenigsegg ownership. That’s the thought behind the company’s updated website, which Auto Motor & Sport tells us has even more images, videos and details about the boutique automaker and its products than the previous version.

By the end of the month, the new site will also have an online "lifestyle store," which will likely sell all the Koenigsegg merchandise you’d ever care to wear or use.

The website isn’t all that’s new at Koenigsegg, as the company will highlight its 100th car at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. Current models, outside of the U.S. at least, include the Agera and Agera R, while previous models have included the CC8S, the CCR, the CCX, the CCXR and the Trevita.

There’s still no word on whether or not Koenigsegg will receive the smart airbag exemption required to sell its Agera models in the United States, but we’re somewhat less than optimistic. If the NHTSA denied Pagani’s request for an exemption on the Huayra, we doubt it will grant one to Koenigsegg.