In late 2007 BMW first announced plans to establish a new research division called ‘Project i’ whose task would be to develop a number of solutions for a vehicle designed for congested city motoring. The goal of Project i was never to exclusively develop one type of vehicle or another, but to come up with a range of technologies BMW could introduce across its fleet or even under a rumored fourth brand.

Now, several years down the track, Project i is in full swing and is already spawning its first products. The first development of Project i was the MINI E electric vehicle, which BMW is currently using to gather feedback about what urban customers want and need from a zero-emissions vehicle. Beyond that we have the 1-Series ActiveE electric vehicle, which commences trials in the U.S. next summer, and eventually the Megacity Vehicle, the first true production model spawned from Project i.

Now, BMW has launched a new website ( dedicated to its Project i and providing information and news concerning the sustainable mobility of the future. It provides up to date info regarding the various approaches and solutions BMW is taking towards sustainable motoring, from the basic vision of e-mobility, specific test vehicles such as the MINI E and the BMW ActiveE, right through to the revolutionary concept of the Megacity Vehicle.

In addition, the website offers an overview of the public discussion and general developments in the field of sustainable mobility. Users can also use the page to sign up for BMW’s Project i Twitter and Facebook accounts. To visit the page click here