• OnStar

    It's often the way with the modern world: The products and services we use aren't just products and services any more - they're experiences. Where once you used to use a car to get from A to B with the occasional trip via C, now you can be as connected to your life on the internet as you are with your smartphone or home PC. The downside of this is that a lot more of your personal information is constantly in transit, whether paying for stuff when you're out and about or just driving around with a GPS signal trapping you. And with a recent change to GM's OnStar terms of service agreement...

  • The Google Street View Car
    Google Street View Rolls Into Israel (With Restrictions)

    Google Street View -- like its big sisters, Google Maps and Google Earth -- is a great service that has changed the way we view the world, but it's taken a lot of heat, too, especially from privacy advocates. Now, Street View cars are making their first forays into Israel, but they'll be rolling...

  • Parking lot
    Watchdog Tech Will Catch Dastardly Parking Lot Dingers

    If your car is your pride and joy you'll know the annoyance of returning to it after a shopping trip to find that some imbecile has opened their door onto yours or carelessly parked and left a dent and a scrape. And let's face it, if they're careless enough to ding your door they're hardly going to...

  • Google Street View car
    Use A Mobile Device? Google Street View May Know Where It Is

    UPDATED: See below. If you use a mobile device -- a laptop, a cell phone -- you know how great it can be to stay connected on the go. But as we've seen with the Apple iPhone and even with RSS feeds on the Nissan Leaf, mobility often comes with its share of privacy headaches. The latest issue?...

  • Al Franken
    Al Franken's New Bill Guards Your Privacy On The Mobile Web

    Privacy has long been a serious issue on the web. Now, a new bill authored by Senator Al Franken wants to address some of those concerns -- and from where we sit, it's arrived just in the nick of time. In the early days of Web 1.0, long before the rise of social networking, privacy concerns...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Security Breach? Nissan Leaf Shares Your Location & Speed

    It might seem surprising in today's world of Facebook updates and Foursquare checkins, but people are still concerned about privacy. In fact, privacy concerns have resulted in major headaches (and lawsuits) for both Google and Apple in recent months, and we wouldn't be surprised if Anthony Weiner...

  • Traffic enforcement camera

    The navigation-system provider TomTom, which uses crowd-sourced traffic data to help find the fastest routes, has been caught in the Netherlands selling users' speed data to police—who then might use that to decide where to set up speed traps. Live traffic information is arguably one of the most useful developments of the past decade, combining quicker-thinking navigation systems with crowd-sourcing innovations. As such, systems can take into account the average speed along particular routes and calculate—both in real time and based on predictive averages—which route is...

  • Bing Maps Streetside car
    Bing Brings Streetside To Britain: Is Google Losing Ground?

    We've talked a lot about the chilly reception Google Street View has gotten overseas. And yesterday, tech reporters were all a-flutter with reports that Google is losing ground to Microsoft's Bing in the search wars. Now comes news that Bing is bringing its Street View competitor, Streetside, to...

  • Flag of Switzerland
    Switzerland Serves Google Street View Its Biggest Smackdown To Date

    Here in America, we think Google Street View is great -- all unicorns and double-rainbows -- but elsewhere in the world, folks have been significantly less enthralled. Germany ordered Google to let citizens opt-out of having their homes included on the service. England and Canada found Google...

  • Google Street View car
    Mon Dieu! France Fines Google $142,000 For Street View Privacy Violations

    There's no denying that Google Maps is the king of online mapping services. It may have been slightly late to the party, but thanks to social features like sharable maps and the ability to drop in notes at specific locations, it quickly zoomed past competitors like MapQuest. One of Google Maps'...

  • Porsche 911 Carrera GTS
    Want To Work At Porsche? No Facebook For You!

    Who hasn't, at one point in their speed- and curve-obsessed childhoods, dreamed of working for a top-tier sports car maker like Porsche? Whether sculpting the clay that will be the next 911 or eking the last little bit out of a naturally-aspirated flat six, there's a lot there to love. But it comes...

  • free parking  -  flickr user alancleaver_2000
    Could College Parking Tickets Come Back To Haunt You?

    So responsibility slips a bit, and in the rush to get your term paper finished you forgot to pay the meter, or parked in the wrong place with the wrong parking pass.

  • BMW's Connected Drive could be the first step toward ILENA's global domination

    Imagine a future where you don't have to drive yourself to work, the market or even home from a night on the town. Convenient, but to some a nightmare of lost control. Even worse: imagine a future where your car chooses your destination for you. That's what BMW is working toward with its new learning navigation system - after a fashion. The goal is to develop a system that learns a driver's habits, and then correlates its current location with the next likely stop and anticipates that move by displaying directions to the place the driver will want to go next. BMW's Andreas Winckler told...

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